Staking Proxy Vault

The Staking Proxy Vault is essentially the "translator" between the Hourglass system and the strategy's contracts. It allows users to interact with the Custodian in a secure manner while integrating with approved protocols for yield generation.

When an asset is registered with the Custodian, all deposits for that asset id utilize the logic encompassed within the staking proxy. When a maturity is enabled, the implementation logic of the vault is cloned, allowing each grouping of deposits to be controlled by it's own contract address.

All maturity dates for each asset id map to a vault address, which is stored as:


The "Token ID" for a maturity date can be looked up by using the cloned Vault address within:


The Hourglass Custodian is used to deploy new maturities for available assets. This can be done by cloning out a batch of various maturities or a single timestamp. Note that some assets may require depositing assets at the same time as creating the vault.

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