Hourglass Marketplace is built on top of Seaport with the following extensions

  • A custom zone for additional order validation

  • A cloned conduit for handling token approvals

Seaport Conduit

The Hourglass Marketplace utilizes Seaport as it's order matching engine. This includes the use of the Seaport Conduit Controller and a cloned Conduit. All token approvals for marketplace listings can be directed to the Conduit 0x74Cb6A9d5B441aFA867e48C6cE6f3d60B49fF168.


Initially, only the Seaport contract address is an authorized channel on the Conduit. Utilizing Seaport comes with any risks associated with that contract. If additional channels are added to the Conduit, those too will have the ability to transfer any & all assets that were granted spending approval to the Conduit.


The Zones perform additional validation on orders. Two zone examples are the FraxRollingZone & the FraxFixedZone.

Our Rolling Zone lets users make bids on an 1155 whose maturity date is less than or equal to a specific maturity date. As an example, this lets someone bid a 2% discount on ETH that unlocks in 3 months or less. The code will be elaborated upon more later but can be found here:

The FraxRollingZone is to verify that an order is being filled with an asset that has a maturity between the earliest & latest cutoffs from the time the order is filled, not from when the order was created.

Rolling Zone:

The FraxFixedZone verifies that orders are being filled with assets with a maturity between the specified cutoffs (earliest & latest again), but this time, from the time the order was created, not from when it is being filled.

Fixed Zone:

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