Contract Addresses

Addresses for Hourglass Contracts


Core Contracts

Hourglass Custodian: 0xF083C8e524B1DA5B557E89120a497Ce9a61f2CeA

Rewards Distributor: 0x7F8bAc9C4605B29a55c3A8367D183236ADF2dfe8

Fee Manager: 0x6D38f4F38Fd28b166967563a31994C49d6F5b32C

ERC20 Intermediary: 0xC61d69A75047d55d43C214DecA54cbB38E95bFA5

Marketplace Contracts

Conduit Owner: 0x74Cb6A9d5B441aFA867e48C6cE6f3d60B49fF168

Conduit: 0x9352dA82F42c5bDDe9F0b2C19D635baE39142dD8

Frax Rolling Zone: 0x67b14Fb1876901102f3fAA4dFB958e3C63b4AA1a

Frax Fixed Zone: 0xD7c6e79c5ACEDFcc31E507B162e281F31CfF106E

Asset specific contracts can be found by looking them up in the Custodian by calling assetIds with the asset you desire as the input (as a number representing the position in the array of stored assets).

Access Control / Admin addresses will be available as a separate dashboard soon.

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